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Managing immigration visa petitions can lead you through a maze if you don't have the time, patience or most importantly, the right contacts to get it done this is where we come in. From this moment on, the world has no boundaries. We erase them and pave the way for your travel - all you need to do is rely on us. Say hello to MigraDocs.

MigraDocs provides specialized services to the Corporate Sector in coordinating the immigration of Indian professionals into short and long-term assignments across the globe. Our deep knowledge and expertise in Work Visa ranges from H1B, L1A, L1B, 01, Jl, TN and E3 visa. Health care, and IT companies, financial institution and banking remain the main focus area and the goal is to become one of the leading firms which is known for quality documentation for all Immigrant and Non Immigrant visas.

MigraDocs makes best use of cutting edge technology to provide efficient, effective and exceptional solutions for every aspect of global immigration compliance and mobility logistics operations. Our technology is robust and designed to provide a seamless and integrated system of immigration services with comprehensive and country-specific processing information. Get MigraDocs at your side and make the whole wide world boundary less.

Our team of experts together with the law firms is equipped to take care of the entire gamut of needs in obtaining work visas for our clients. Structured network of legal firms support and provide worldwide coverage and timely immigration compliance updates.

From this moment on, the world has no boundaries. We erase them and pave the way for your travel - all you need to do is rely on us.

Our team comprises some of the industry's best Immigration consultants. Their dedication and commitment will get you fast and effective solutions to all your needs. MigraDocs is the perfect pitch for all your immigration requirements. Our rates are affordable and our services are your advantage.

Quality Legal Services

Immigration is an ever-changing legal arena. With many years of experience in this volatile field, we have witnessed massive changes in both immigration law and processing requirements. Our office works constantly with the law firms to keep abreast with new laws, regulations and government processing procedures to offer our clientele with innovative, current and strategic legal representation.

Quality Customer Service

What distinguishes our firm from others is our superior customer service. We pride ourselves on being a "hands on" firm and strive to provide exceptional service to our clients. Our goal is to provide our clients not only with top quality legal representation, but also with excellent customer service and competitive prices. In our effort to remain "hands on" our technology is designed to help our caseworkers to easily process and manage the case work and smoothly connect and collaborate with overseas counsels. This allows us to effectively work with clientele worldwide. Our office will work directly with you to establish processing procedures that benefit you and your company, as well as expedite the process. For corporate clients, we routinely provide on-site legal presentations and audit reviews.

Competitive Fees

Our fee structure is developed to provide you with reasonable costs for our services. We review our fees from time to time in order to ensure we remain competitive and cost effective. We always advise clients on ways to mitigate costs and expedite the process.